Coalition for Active Living

Issue 4
April 2006

A Final Word from CAL's Outgoing Chair, Rick Bell

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Dear CAL Members:

As we begin a new fiscal year, I want to take this opportunity to inform you of some of our accomplishments, extend some thanks and introduce some new members to our CAL Board of Directors.

The CAL Board of Directors and many of our member organizations have been very busy since the last AGM which was held in Regina. The CAL work plan for 2005 – 06 focused on two major projects: engaging action on the Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy (PCPAS) and implementing our Policy Watch mechanism. The major accomplishments around the PCPAS included:

  • developing an engagement plan

  • developing an advocacy document and an executive summary document for the PCPAS


  • implementing a coordinated lobbying campaign with prominent politicians; this included distributing educational material to all MP's during the recent election campaign in order to raise the profile of physical activity


  • participating in collaborative efforts with the Healthy Living Intersectoral Network that oversees the Pan-Canadian Healthy Living Strategy


  • providing leadership in the Priorities and Objectives Work Group


  • participating in the Obesity Policy Expert Advisory Committee of CDPAC


  • participating in the Sport Survey coordinated by Sport Matters


  • coordinating meetings with some presidents and executive directors of physical activity organizations to engage them in the PCPAS


  • collaborating with the Concerned Children's Advertisers in the Long Live Kids Campaign and


  • collaborating with Active Healthy Kids Canada in the development of the physical activity report card

Major accomplishments around the policy watch initiative include:

  • developing a policy watch model and placing it on our CAL website


  • identifying a policy watch action team and


  • accumulating physical activity policies of national significance on our website

Of particular note this year and as a consequence of the concerted efforts of Steve Grundy and his team, membership in CAL has increased from 45 organizations to over 90! Our reach is growing and comes at an important time with the new government taking over. The CAL Board extends a very big thank you to Steve for his leadership on this initiative this year.

It is through the efforts of many that all this work has been accomplished. Of particular note is the continued work of the dedicated members of the CAL Board of Directors. They continue to provide the vision for CAL and I am deeply appreciative of their leadership on behalf of our physical activity community. Steve's ongoing support as Chief Operations Officer of CAL continues to make us look good! Thanks Steve for all you do for CAL.

While in Ottawa for our last board meeting, the CAL Advisory Council was asked to provide the board with advice on some ongoing issues. I want to extend a special thanks to Cathie Kryzanowski and Pat Hunt, the co-chairs of the CAL Advisory Council, and to all our council members for the expert advice and leadership they provide the board. We remain most grateful to have some of the leading experts on physical activity in the country at our beckoning call. Their wise council is appreciated.

And to you, our CAL members, thank you for your continued support whenever CAL comes asking. We appreciate the opportunity to meet with many of you and the advice you provide us. The board is grateful to CAHPERD for the organizational support it has provided CAL this past year.

In short, CAL continues to provide that loud voice for physical activity in Canada. The Board of Directors looks forward to continuing our mandate that you, our members, have provided us. I am extremely proud of the accomplishments of CAL.

It is with some degree of sadness that I provide this report. This will be my last report to you as chair; it is time for this torch to be passed to others. So, on that note, it is my sincere pleasure to announce that the board has selected Christa Costas-Bradstreet and Nancy Dubois as co-chairs of CAL. Congratulations Christa and Nancy and good luck as you assume this wonderful opportunity. On other board news, I regret that the board has to say goodbye to a couple of board members. Marie-Claire Pierce and Doug Cripps are moving on to other opportunities. Marie-Claire is providing a leadership role as the city of Moncton seeks to obtain the bid for the 12th International Junior Track and Field Championships. Doug is assuming the role of president of the Alliance for Canadians with a Disability. On behalf of the entire board I want to extend sincere best wishes and thanks to Marie-Claire and to Doug. At the CAL AGM we had an election to fill these vacancies and it is with pleasure that I introduce three new CAL board members: Johanne Lacombe, Theresa Harvey Pruden and Don LeClair. Welcome to all of you.

In conclusion, I want to extend my thanks to all of you for making the last five years such a wonderful experience. All the time, energy, challenges and frustrations pale in comparison to the wonderful gifts of friendship I have received. I deeply appreciate your shared commitment to physical activity and the opportunity to have worked with you.

All the best,
Rick Bell, (outgoing) Chair of the CAL Board of Directors


CAL’s Election Strategy–What Now?

On November 28, 2005 the Liberal government was defeated in a non-confidence vote and a federal election was called.

During the election campaign, the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Green parties pledged new promises around physical activity. The most notable of these was the platform of the Conservative Party of Canada which made specific commitments to fighting the inactivity crisis. It noted:

The most important part of health care is prevention, including insuring that Canadians, especially children, have proper diet and exercise. A Conservative government will promote a wellness and physical activity fitness agenda to help Canadians and their children stay fit and healthy…A Conservative government will: commit to spending at least one per cent of total federal health funding annually on physical activity, including amateur sport and programs for school children. (click here to read the Conservative Party of Canada's Federal Election Platform)

These promises match some of the recommended actions outlined in the PCPAS (click here to view the PCPAS document).

During the election campaign, CAL members were actively engaged in the implementation of the CAL's Election 2006 Strategy. They were first approached to participate in the process of developing key questions, which were the primary tool used throughout the campaign period. Members were kept abreast of all activities and developments, and the responses from members to e-bulletins and throughout the implementation were very positive.

On January 23rd, Canadians voted the Conservatives into government and Stephen Harper as Prime Minister.

Now, CAL waits to see whether or not the Conservative Government will follow-through on their election commitments. On Tuesday, April 4th at 3:00 p.m. her Excellency the Governor General opened the First Session of the 39th Parliament with a Speech from the Throne in the Senate Chamber. CAL responded to the Speech from the Throne and will prepare a strategy for the upcoming budget release. We will update you on both in the days ahead.


Policy Watch
CAL's new Policy Watch website was launched in 2005. Click here for more information.

We are looking for interested individuals and organizations to monitor and/or contribute policies within their jurisdiction that affect the ability of Canadians to be active. Interested? Contact us at

Members’ Corner

This section of the newsletter is dedicated to CAL members who wish to share relevant information on strategies, programs, upcoming events, workshops, conferences, etc.

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A Final Word from CAL's Outgoing Chair, Rick Bell
CAL’s Election Strategy – What Now?
Policy Watch
What's New?
CAL Welcomes New Board
CAL is growing
Members’ Corner

What's New?

CAL has developed a new PCPAS engagement and endorsement plan for its members. Stay tuned for more information on this initiative.


CAL Welcomes New Board
Christa Costas-Bradstreet (co-chair)
Nancy Dubois (co-chair)
Mike Arthur
Johanne Lacombe
P. Douglas Lafreniere
Don LeClair
Patricia Marturano
Theresa Harvey Pruden


CAL is growing

CAL now has over 99 organizational members and over 700 individual members!

Click here for a list of our organizational members and government partners.

For more information, contact us at:
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