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About CAL

The Coalition for Active Living (CAL) is a national action group of more than 100 organizations committed to making sure that the environments where we live, learn, commute, work and play support regular physical activity. CAL is working to achieve this goal by advocating for public policies that support physical activity. View CAL’s Executive Summary.

The Members, Partners and Supporters of CAL represent a wide range of sectors, working at the local, provincial/territorial and national levels in a variety of ways to advance physical activity in Canada. Click here to see a list of our members.

CAL is primarily funded by the Physical Activity Contribution Program of Health Canada.

Our Mission...

CAL members will work together to develop, implement and evaluate the outcomes of joint actions which will enable physical activity to be integrated into the lives of all Canadians.

Our Vision...

CAL’s vision is one in which Canadians value and integrate regular physical activity into their daily lives.

Our Goal...

CAL is working to make sure that the environments where Canadians live, learn, commute, work and play support regular physical activity.

CAL through time...

November 1999
Held "We're Ready, Let's Go" meeting in Ottawa
Coalition for Active Living Founded

December 2000 - February 2001
Held nationwide consultations to identify current issues, actions to address issues and CAL's role in this process.

March 2001
Published National Consultation Report

April 6-7, 2001
Facilitators Meeting held in Ottawa
Ongoing development 6-point plan of action based on nationwide consultation.

June 1-2, 2001
Coalition Meeting held in Montreal and representatives from 38 organizations attended. Adopted Plan For Action. Established CAL Operating Model

June 3, 2001
First Annual General Meeting held in Montreal First Board of Directors Elected

July 2001
First meeting of new Board of Directors

November 2001
Redeveloped Membership Criteria

January 2002
New web site is live.
Coalition for Active Living submitted a brief to the Romanow Commission.

June 2002
Participation on the Barriers and Active School Communities Workgroups.

October 2002
Development of a draft Framework for a Physical Activity Strategy for Canada.

November 2002
Submission of a Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance requesting a $500,000,000 investment in physical activity over 5 years.

November 2002
Presentation to the Senator Mills Committee on Bill C-12: the Physical Activity and Sport Act, highlighting the concerns of the Coalition over the weak positioning and language around physical activity.

November 2002
Meeting with Health Minister, Ann McLellan, to brief her on the Coalition’s Six-point Action Plan to take action on physical inactivity and to offer to work with her and her officials in the planning and implementation of the Healthy Living Agenda.

September 2003
Stephen Grundy joins the Coalition as Chief Operations Officer.

October 28, 2003
Submitted a Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance requesting a $500 million dollar investment in physical activity over 5 years.

October 2003
Joined Federal/Provincial/Territorial (FPT) Advisory Group and began coordinating input from the Physical Activity Sector to assist the FPT in devising its strategy to achieve the FPT Health Ministers’ goal of increasing physical activity in every province and territory by 10% by 2010.

November 2003
Developed a framework for a Policy Watch Model.

December 6-8, 2003
Meeting of the Board of Directors

December 12-13, 2003
Meeting of the Physical Activity Action Team to advance the Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Framework to the next level.

January 2004
Began implementing a Joint Action Outreach.

February 2004
An updated version of the Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy is shared with Coalition members for their endorsement at the 2004 Annual General Meeting.

February 13, 2004
Annual General Meeting held in Ottawa.

February 14-15, 2004
Meeting of the Board of Directors

April 2004
Held a news conference in Quebec City immediately following the news conference of the F-T/P Ministers Responsible for Sport, Recreation and Fitness to launch the Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy; release new data on the walking habits of Canadian adults; and, react to the Ministers'

November 2004
Submitted a Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance requesting a $500 million dollar investment in physical activity over 5 years.

December 5, 2004
Annual General Meeting held in Regina.

December 2004
Co-hosted a "Building a Movement" meeting in Regina with CAHPERD and Saskatchewan in motion. The meeting involved representatives of the primary provincial, municipal and national action centres for physical activity in Canada for the purpose of sharing resources, addressing gaps, and accelerating the development of a connected movement to reduce the national epidemic of physical inactivity.

January-March 2005
Developed a web-based Policy Watch Mechanism.