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Board Updates November, 2001

Your Coalition Board of Directors met in Ottawa Nov. 2-4. The focus of the meeting was to develop an action plan for the next few months. As you know the goal of the Coalition is "to ensure that the environments where we live, learn, work and play support regular physical activity" through the promotion of the 6-point plan of action (attached).

From an advocacy perspective there are significant events unfolding quickly and we are preparing to position the Coalition to speak out in a loud voice about physical activity and get our messages on the radar screen of key decision-makers. We are excited by the potential, but need to stay focussed to ensure that our resources are maximized.

Communication is central to the impact of any of the advocacy initiatives that we undertake as a Coalition. I am pleased to report that LIN (Leisure Information Network) will be developing and managing the Coalition website and e-mail communication. For the past 2 years, Go for Green has maintained the website. They stepped up to the plate to help with this piece as the Coalition was in it's early days and deserve a huge thank you from all of us for that. LIN will now take the website from a "Bulletin Board" to "Action Central". It will be the hub of information flow with breaking news, links to member and partner organizations, links to resource sites to help us make the case" for physical activity, a home for Coalition Reports. Central to all of this will be the Coalition's Six-point Action Plan with background documents and references.

LIN will also house the e-mail contact list. We are excited about this as up to now our lists have been on our Coordinator Pat Hunt's PC. Now we will have a secure and efficient way to communicate as a Coalition. Watch for a new e-mail address in early December.

Now to the Action Plan. Here are some of the key initiatives that the Board addressed:

1. Promoting the Six-point Action Plan to Health Canada officials and Ministers.
The goal of this action is to meet with Minister Rock. However, it was determined that it would be wise to meet with Health Canada officials along the way. Cathie Kryzanowski and Guy Tanguay met with Tim Weir, Daniele Besner...title to date and a request for a meeting has been sent to Dr. Robert McMurtry...title.… As a follow up to the Sport Summit and the new sport and Physical Activity Act that is in the works, we will be requesting a meeting with Denis Coderre, Minister of State for Sport.

2. Ministers Nine-point Agenda.

The Ministers responsible for Sport, recreation and fitness met prior to Canada Games, and as you know, they approved a nine-point plan to address reduction of physical inactivity by 10% by the year 2003. It would appear that this is going to be a difficult target to reach. For the first time the Coalition has been invited to participate in four joint working groups along with Federal, Provincial and Territorial representatives. This is a huge step and thanks must go to the Ministers for their acknowledgement of the tremendous value that member organizations can bring to the table.

3. Romanow Commission
The Coalition will be preparing a brief that will be sent to the Romanow commission, underlining the importance of a health care system rather than a disease care system, with physical activity being a major determinant of health. The brief will be posted on the new website, and along the backgrounders to the six-point action plan, coalition members will be prepared when they attend the public sessions that Mr. Romanow will be holding in the new year. To date the schedule has not been announced.

4. Physical Activity Policies.
There are two physical activity policies emerging; one from Health Canada and one falling out of the new sport and Physical Activity Legislation. There will be a consultation process for each of these. Information will be sent to you as soon as we have it.

5. Active School Communities Round Table.
Three board members attended the Active School Communities. This was a Round table unlike its predecessors in that it was action-oriented rather than an exploration of issues. Point #2 in the Coalition Plan for Action speaks to the issues relating to children and youth and physical activity. Now as a result of the Round Table there will be action taken, and the Coalition will be involved.

6. Chronic Diseases Alliance.
The Coalition was invited to attend a meeting of the Chronic Diseases Alliance along with representatives from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society the Canadian Diabetes Association various organizations representing nutrition an tobacco control as well as representatives from Health Canada. Physical activity has been recognized as a major player in the reduction of chronic disease and as a result the Coalition has been asked to provide representatives to sit on the executive committee of the new alliance.

7. Other contact points:
Rick Bell will attend the Whistler Dose Response Conference Dec. 8 as the official coalition delegate and several coalition members will be attending the ALOCA Capacity Building Workshop Nov.22-24 in Toronto.

Rick Turnbull and Don LeClair were asked to form an action team to address the issue of membership. And act they did! They presented a plan for membership at the meeting. The report is being finalized and will be out to you shortly.

If you have questions please drop me an e-mail at or follow up with any of the Board members.
All the best, Cathie

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