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Board Updates November 13, 2003

It's been a while since I've had an opportunity to update the Coalition for Active Living membership on our current activities, but this certainly does not reflect a lack of action.

Plans are underway to have a meeting of the membership early in the New Year. Until then, here are some of the activities we are undertaking on your behalf:

  1. The Coalition has contracted Stephen Grundy and a small team of associates (equivalent to one full time staff) to add capacity to the work of CAL. Steve operates as the Chief Operations Officer reporting to the Board of Directors

  2. The Coalition has three main workplan items over the next few months:
    - A model will be developed to enable CAL members to monitor and communicate physical activity policy initiatives 'of national significance'. These would include federal, national, major provincial/territorial and major municipal.
    - Action and 'calls for action' will be initiated on key policy initiatives that are identified.
    - Work will be done with Sport Canada to ensure that the Physical Activity part of the Physical Activity and Sport Act, is backed up by policy to same level as the Sport Act.
    - Policies will be made available to the membership through the Web site.

    The Physical Activity Sector needs to be bought into the Physical Activity Framework and eventual strategy. The work needs to be both on the development of the framework, and the advocacy using the framework.
    - The Framework will be further developed.
    - An Action Team will be used as experts in the component areas to develop objectives and priorities.
    - The membership/stakeholders will have an opportunity to provide feedback.
    - It is important to get member organizations to endorse the framework.

    Key groups and stakeholders will be recruited and mobilized. This needs to include various sectors and levels, and will increase the Coalitions credibility as it positions and clarifies the role of physical activity on the sport and healthy living agendas.
    - An action plan for outreach will be prepared and implemented.
    - The PA framework will be the catalyst for the dialogue.
    - Strategies could include 3-4 Strategic Conferences, the CAL Web site, regional meetings, articles for the media, newsletters, Web sites, list serves and meetings with key F/P/T decision makers.
    - Follow-up with key provincial Health decision makers providing context for PA using the framework.
    - Present the finalized framework to the Secretary of State DeVillers, Sport Canada staff and appropriate Health Canada staff.
    - Make links to the Physical Activity and Sport Act.
    - Develop relationships with the Health and Sport sectors nationally to dialogue around common goals and to ensure understanding of the CAL's Physical Activity Strategy.
    - Develop and implement an awareness and education plan for all party candidates in the upcoming Federal election.

  3. The Coalition prepared a Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance and it was presented in Vancouver on October 28, by Dr. Rick Bell.

    CAL identified three priority recommendations for Government action to reduce Canada's physical inactivity epidemic.

    1) The Government of Canada, through key Ministries, makes a strategic investment of $500 million dollars over 5 years, similar to the investment to reduce Tobacco consumption, to undertake an aggressive strategy to address the physical inactivity epidemic in Canada.

    2) The Government of Canada creates tax incentives to encourage physical activity among Canadians.

    3) The Government of Canada targets new investments and incentives (recommendations 1 and 2 above) in areas of strategic emphasis. The Coalition for Active Living has identified 5 strategic areas for investment, which will be needed in order to achieve the pan-Canadian goal, agreed to by all 14 Ministers responsible for Physical Activity, of increasing physical activity by 10 percentage points in every province and territory.

  4. The Coalition has been asked by the FPT Advisory Group on Recreation and Fitness to participate as a member of the group. The Coalition has accepted this invitation.

    The Coalition has since been asked by the FPT Group to Coordinate input from the Physical Activity Sector to assist the FPT in devising its strategy to achieve the FPT Health Ministers goal of increasing physical activity in every province and territory by 10% by 2010. Specifically it has asked the Coalition to:

    - Coordinate member input on current actions, which can contribute to the 10% goal.
    - Identify new strategic actions for Canada, which will enable the goal to be achieved.

  5. The Coalition will be establishing a new Advisory Council. The Council has several essential functions:
    - Recommendations regarding short term priorities for Physical Activity in Canada
    - Recommendations regarding longer term priorities for Physical Activity in Canada
    - Identification of emerging and substantive issues for Physical activity
    - Acting as a sounding board in activities such as strategic planning, setting priorities, providing direction;
    - Advocacy for Physical Activity.
    - Providing information and advice about relevant research needed; projects and concerns related to physical activity; sustainability of the Coalition and the membership; and, promotions, media, marketing and communications.

As always, this is your Coalition, and we welcome your input. Please contact Stephen Grundy at (613) 277-9979 or, or contact any member of the Board of Directors

Rick Bell
Chair, Coalition for Active Living