Coalition For Active Living

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Six Point Plan


Advocate for the establishment of national, targeted, ongoing, and state-of-the-art communications for distribution to the media and advertising agencies. Develop messages that are consistent, reach all levels of the population, and strongly promote specific opportunities for physical activity where Canadians live, learn, work, and play.

Children & Youth

Advocate for the development of a comprehensive plan to inform children and youth about the importance of physical education and how to access activity within the community in order to make healthy lifestyle choices.


Advocate for new and upgraded transportation systems that include the creation of safe, effective, and accessible paths and networks for cycling, walking, and wheeling.


Advocate for the removal of barriers to publicly funded facilities and programs. Address unaffordable fees, poorly maintained facilities, reduced schedules and programs, diminished human resources, and the ever-increasing cultural diversity of activity interests.

Health Promotion

Advocate for adequately funded health promotion and for physical activity to be recognized as a priority to be integrated into a wide range of community health initiatives.


Advocate that employers adopt policies that promote, support, and reward physical activity in the workplace.