Coalition For Active Living

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Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy

Building the Movement

Governments, agencies and citizens are involved in creating an active Canada. Recognizing the public health burden posed by sedentary living, federal and provincial governments are working in collaboration to combat sedentary living and stem the obesity and diabetes epidemics. Local governments are implementing changes in various sectors to address the issue of physical inactivity in their communities. Three and a half million of citizens volunteer their time and expertise to support physical activity programs. Yet, these myriad actions appear disjointed.

Yet, these myriad actions appear disjointed. They require the reinforcing and motivating lens of a visible social movement supported by a sanctioned nation-wide priority for physical activity to forge these actions into a cohesive whole and build a cultural trademark for physical activity.

1. Healthy Public Policy

2. Community Physical Environments

3. Supportive Social Environments

4. Public Education

5. Research and Knowledge Exchange