Coalition for Active Living

Issue 3
December 2005


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A Word from your Chair
Seasons Greetings to all CAL Members:

As many of you are aware, Ministers Dosanjh and Bennett announced on October 12th that the federal government has committed to contributing $300 million dollars to the Healthy Living Promotion Strategy. This amount is to be spent over the next five years – to see a complete breakdown, click here. To view the release issued by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), click here.

Of importance to our physical activity organizations, there is no longer dedicated funding for physical activity through the Physical Activity Grants and Contribution Fund. The fund has recently been replaced by the Healthy Living Fund ($27.6 million over five years and $7.15 million per year ongoing). These numbers translate into approximately $5.5 million per year. The amount is to be invested in physical activity and healthy eating initiatives that have community-level, regional, national and international impact.

CAL member organizations should note that there will opportunities to access other funding envelopes. We, at CAL, have yet to receive specific details. Details around initiating RFP's, deadlines for submissions and dates for releasing the funds have not been determined but should be announced in the very near future. CAL will keep all members posted.

The CAL board met in October and will meet again in early December. We are busy updating the Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy and planning our submission for the 2006-07 fiscal. We look forward to seeing you all at our CAL Annual General Meeting on February 10 in Ottawa. Please mark this date in your calendars. Details of the program will be provided after our board meeting in December.

Please watch for our election strategy which will be available shortly.

On behalf of the CAL board, I want to extend our very best wishes for a safe and joyous holiday season.

Rick Bell
Chair, CAL Board of Directors


Policy Watch
CAL's Policy Watch website identifies, communicates and recommends appropriate responses to policies of national significance affecting the physical activity status of Canadians. Click here for details on the following policy highlights recently submitted to the site:

Provincial Policies
- Healthy U Program
- Alberta Active Living Strategy
- Ontario plans mandatory school exercise
- Daily Physical Activity Initiative
- New Tax Incentive to Get Young People Moving

Municipal Policies
- Active Edmonton

Interested in commenting on any of these policies or in contributing new policies to CAL's Policy Watch? Contact us at

CAL's new Policy Watch website was launched in 2005. Click here for more information.


Physical Activity Community Raises Red Flag
On October 19th, CAL, on behalf of the physical activity community, raised a red flag upon hearing that the federal government had decided to ignore Honourable Paul DeVillers' recommendations around proposed investments and structures to tackle the physical inactivity crisis in Canada. A news release was issued (click here to view the release) and distributed to all national French and English media.

The release attracted some media attention. James Christie of the Globe and Mail wrote an article on October 26th and an interview with DeViller was aired on CBC radio's The Current. Please contact Aurélie Walsh to request a copy of the article or radio interview.

Members’ Corner
The Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada commissioned a meta-analysis of several major Canadian and International reviews on the effectiveness of interventions to reduce obesity. The report was funded by a Public Health Agency of Canada grant. Click here to read the report.

This section of the newsletter is dedicated to CAL members who wish to share relevant information on strategies, programs, upcoming events, workshops, conferences, etc.

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A Word from you Chair
Policy Watch
Physical Activity Community Raises Red Flag
What's New?
CAL is growing
Members’ Corner

We have updated our key messages, click here to read them.

Mark Your Calendar
The CAL members meeting will be in Ottawa on February 10, 2006. Please mark your calendars!

Available Soon: CAL's Election Strategy
Please watch for our election strategy which will be available shortly.

CAL Board Members
Rick Bell, (Chair)
Mike Arthur
Christa Costas-Bradstreet
Douglas G. Cripps
Nancy Dubois
P. Douglas Lafreniere
Patricia Marturano
Marie-Claire Pierce

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CAL is growing
CAL now has 99 organizational members and 704 individual members!

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