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Board Updates February 7, 2004

Hello fellow Coalition members:

As you know the leadership of the Coalition has been working to develop a Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy to help stimulate discussion and action on Physical Activity in Canada. The initial framework for the strategy was developed a year ago and brought to members for discussion and input. It was here that we agreed on the 5 Strategic Directions for the Strategy.

After a brief pause, caused by the delays by Health Canada in announcing the funding levels for 2003-2004, work began once again this fall when the framework was reviewed and developed further by an Action Team of respected leaders in our field. This latest work was facilitated by Cora Craig from the CFLRI. Cora also coordinated the writing of this version of the Strategy based upon the work of the Action Team.

What has emerged is a Strategy which, while not in a final form, is endorsed by the Action Team and Coalition Board as a Strategy which can take us to the next level of action to address the inactivity crisis.

Further, we have shared discussions with the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory Committee on Recreation and Fitness and found much common ground and a strong willingness to collaborate on actions under the strategy.

So it is time to bring the Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy back to you...our members. We have honoured the Strategic Directions developed in our consultation with you, and have found them to be most appropriate. To this we have added another layer of Strategic Priorities based on directions provided by you, and by evidence based interventions which are known to work.

We are seeking your endorsement for the direction and content of the Pan Canadian Physical Activity Strategy which is you can review here. Your Board believes that this strategy is necessary in order to coordinate the work of our physical activity community as it relates to the Healthy Living Strategy as well as to work in a coordinated way to assist the provinces and territories in accomplishing the 10% increase

At our AGM this Friday we will solicit your feedback and endorsement of this version of the Strategy. I look forward to discussing this project with you at the AGM.


Dr. Rick Bell