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Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy

The Strategy

The Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy is not a one-off approach to getting Canada active. It is about creating sustainable long-term change. This requires a significant investment in comprehensive, sustained, and effective action. The Strategy identifies strategic priorities that are essential for long-term success and builds a framework for action in the short-to-mid term. Periodic review of the impact of collective actions is a necessary component in order to refine and guide future action.

Strategic Priorities

Governments, agencies, and citizens are working to make a difference. Their actions must form a visible and cohesive movement. Working together, they will shape an active Canada built on supportive, barrier-free communities. A strong foundation must be built through the development and renewal of community assets, which meet the needs of all Canadians, and look to our future, by developing healthy, active children.

Build the Movement

A value-added brand is required to mesh the actions of national, provincial and local action into a cohesive whole.

Create Physical-Activity Friendly Communities

Physical activity must be re-engineered into daily life by ensuring that communities where Canadians live, learn, commute, work, and play are barrier-free. Three approaches will build a strong foundation:

Strategic Directions

Collaborative intersectoral action based on five approaches will enhance population health and improve the quality of life of all Canadians by reducing physical inactivity. Common solutions will advance goals in other sectors: reducing emissions from automobiles; contributing to sustainable growth in communities; and enhancing the social fabric of the nation. Actions focus on: policy and legislation; coordination across sectors; integration with other strategies such as chronic disease prevention, environment, sport,; training and development; leadership; capacity in all sectors; and delivery of programs and services.

The membership of the Coalition for Active Living has identified five components to guide efforts nationwide. Actions within each of these five component areas are required to achieve the strategic priorities.