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Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy

The Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy (PCPAS) is a bold plan developed by CAL detailing the priorities and directions that must be undertaken at all levels to promote increased physical activity among Canadians.

PCPAS Vision, Goal and Principles     Download Full Strategy

Components of the PCPAS

'Imagine' brochure
This brochure was distributed to all Members of Parliament, as well as selected provincial/territorial members, in January 2005.


Physical Activity: A Key Health Determinant

Physical activity (as a personal health practice) is a key health determinant. All of the other determinants of health (such as education, income, gender and environment) influence participation in physical activity. Conversely, an active or sedentary lifestyle can positively or negatively influence the other determinants.

Ultimately, most Canadians make a personal choice about whether they will be active and about the kinds of physical activity in which they will participate. But these choices do not exist in a vacuum. Many Canadians face barriers and inequities that make it more difficult to be regularly active.

The population-health approach suggests that educating people about physical activity is not enough. Individual behaviour changes are important, but need to be balanced with strategies for environmental change. Environmental and policy interventions that address all of the interacting determinants of health and healthful behaviour are required.