Coalition for Active Living

Issue 1
February 2005


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A Word from your Chair
Welcome to the first issue of the Coalition for Active Living's e-newsletter. Active News will allow us keep you up to date on CAL's initiatives and progress.

At December's board meeting and AGM in Regina, we bid farewell to the last two original members of the CAL board of directors – Guy Tanguay and Garth Turtle. Guy and Garth have contributed countless hours since 1999, and have made significant contributions to where the Coalition is today. They will be missed. Numerous nominations to fill these positions have been received – new board members will be announced this month.

Project priorities for 2005/06 were identified at the board meeting. We have a busy but exciting year ahead of us! Priorities include a new 'Policy Watch' mechanism (described below) to be profiled on our web site, further promotion of the Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy, and efforts to bring our members together to address community and physical activity leadership needs across the country.

The CAL board also had the opportunity to participate in the Building the Movement meeting, co-hosted by Saskatchewan in Motion, CAHPERD and CAL. This conference brought together 30 of the leading physical activity strategies across the country. Together, they identified needed common supports and actions. They also shared information and learnings to help ensure successful strategies.

On behalf of the CAL board, I would like to wish you all a rewarding 2005, and hope that, together, we can increase the number of Canadians who are leading active, healthy lives.

Rick Bell
Chair, CAL Board of Directors

Policy Watch
CAL is currently developing a Web-based policy watch mechanism to identify, communicate and recommend appropriate responses to policies of national significance that affect the physical activity status of Canadians. The Policy Watch mechanism will be coordinated by CAL, with significant input from members.

Through this newsletter, new policies identified on the Web site will be communicated. Members will be given the opportunity to comment on new policies and the appropriateness of the recommended actions (if any) by clicking on "Submit comment". Comments will then appear on the Policy Watch Web site.

We need your help! We are looking for interested individuals and organizations to monitor and/or contribute policies that affect the ability of Canadians to be active, within their jurisdictions. Interested? Contact us at

Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy
In April 2004, CAL launched the Pan-Canadian Physical Activity Strategy at a meeting in Quebec City. The strategy is a milestone in the collaborative effort of CAL's membership to determine strategic priorities and directions that must be undertaken at all levels to ensure increase of physical activity among Canadians.

Not only was the strategy well received, it has also been endorsed by many organizations and continues to be promoted. Even the plan of action being proposed to the 14 Ministers responsible for Physical Activity in Canada has been informed by the strategy.

In December, CAL produced an executive summary of the strategy. Click here and have a look.

Meeting with Ministers
On November 16th, Dr. Andrew Pipe, Guy Tanguay, Dr. Rick Bell, and Stephen Grundy met with Dr. Carolyn Bennett, the Honourable Minister of Public Health. This was an important meeting, and laid the foundation for future joint work.

Given the current planning in public health, CAL stressed the need for leadership at the federal level. CAL also emphasized that investment in physical activity is a means to building a more sustainable health care system in Canada.

Minister Bennett informed CAL that Prime Minister Paul Martin has given her authority as Minister Responsible for Physical Activity. She has assumed leadership in this area, and is consulting with Minister Stephen Owen (Sport) and Minister Ken Dryden (Social Development). CAL emphasized that the Ministers Responsible for Transportation, Justice and Infrastructure also be included in the consultation process.

CAL offered to assist in designing actions to address physical inactivity as a risk factor for health, as well as facilitate or assist in facilitating a meeting or process to bring together government officials from the federal, provincial/ territorial (FP/T) and municipal levels with the voluntary sector. Together, they could design collaborative strategies to make Canada the most physically active nation in the world – well beyond the 10 per cent goal undertaken by FP/T Ministers – so that physical activity becomes a cornerstone of Canada's approach to healthy living.

Members’ Corner
This section of the newsletter is dedicated to CAL members who wish to share relevant information on strategies, programs, upcoming events, workshops, conferences, etc.

Click here to submit your information for our next issue. Conditions apply.

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Launch of new CAL look
We're excited to introduce CAL's new logo and tagline. Click here to see it up close.

CAL educates MPs
CAL has just launched a distribution campaign to encourage Members of Parliament to take action and help make the case for physical activity. All federal MPs, as well as selected provincial/territorial members, have received a package containing a personalized cover letter and a hard hitting brochure. Click here to see an electronic version of the brochure.

Key messages
Click here for CAL's key messages. Feel free to use them whenever you are communicating about the Coalition through your networks. Better yet, use them today and write or call your Member of Parliament. Or send an email and encourage your colleagues to write.
Don't forget to send us a copy of your letter so we can track the great advocacy work of our members. Please send to


How to contact your local Member of Parliament:

1. Go to
2. Under "Current Parliamentarians," enter your postal code in the designated box and click "Find." "Current Parliamentarians," enter your postal code in the designated box and click "Find."
3. Contact your local MP using the contact information provided for both the parliamentary address and the constituency address.


CAL is growing
CAL now has 82 organizational members and 635 individual members!

Click here for a list of our organizational members and government partners.

For more information, contact us at:
2197 Riverside Drive, Suite 403
Ottawa, ON K1H 7X3
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